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Subscriptions to the Print Edition

Two-year (12-issue) renewable subscriptions to the print edition of Saudi Aramco World are available without charge to a limited number of readers worldwide.

Our no-junk-mail privacy policy: As a subscriber to Saudi Aramco World, you will receive only the magazine you have requested. Your name will not be given or sold to any company or organization for marketing purposes. You may, however, be selected from time to time to receive a randomly sampled reader opinion survey from the publisher, and you may receive notification for subscription renewal.

Multiple-copy subscriptions: We can also provide multiple-copy subscriptions for seminars or classrooms upon written request and approval. Please send your request to the appropriate address below via postal mail or fax.

To receive your subscription, please click on the appropriate link above, or follow the instructions below.

If your address is in Saudi Arabia, please send your request to:

Public Relations
Saudi Aramco
Box 5000
Dhahran 31311

If your address is in any other country, please send your request to:

Saudi Aramco World
Box 469008
Escondido CA 92046-9008

You may send your request by fax to:

Saudi Aramco World
Aramco Services Company
(713) 432-5536

United States Postal Service regulations governing periodicals require that subscriptions to Saudi Aramco World received by postal mail or fax MUST include a date and the requestor's signature. If you wish to request a new subscription, renew an existing subscription, or change your subscription address, please do so using the links above. We regret we are unable to process requests received by email or through the "Feedback" feature of this website.

Requests for multiple-copy subscriptions for classrooms and similar uses should be sent by email to [email protected] for consideration. Please describe the nature of the class and the term of the requested subscription, as well as the number of copies wanted.

Change of address may also be sent via postal mail or fax to the appropriate address above. Please include an address label from a recent issue, if available.

Renewals: Subscribers may request additional two-year (12-issue) subscriptions by signing, dating and returning the cards that are sent with each subscriber's final issues, by postal or fax request to the addresses above or by using the Web links above. There is no charge for renewals, and there is no limit to the number of sequential renewals you may request.


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